Mission Statement

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To serve realtors, investors, and homeowners with our “Feel Home” philosophy. To use our talents to your advantage by showcasing your home to its fullest potential. We will create a strong presence in the market, speed the sales process, and increase the profit opportunities to place your property above its competition.

To use your existing furnishings to enhance your home to create the look and feel that best fits your style, whether your space is large or small and whatever your budget or location.


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“As you know, I sold my house last July. After your staging and the implementation of many of your ideas, we were able to sell the house in Catawba on the 2nd showing FOR THE PRICE REQUESTED. I cannot emphasize enough how your keen eye and great team were able to transform an already beautiful property into exactly what most folks are looking for … a new home.

Who We Are

About Us

Karen G. Lautenschlager has lived most of her life in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia; a place she calls home. During her pre-teen years, she would spend time with her mother at the sewing table. So many questions were asked of her mother about decorating, use of colors, and rearrangement of furniture. “I have always been passionate about design and decorating since I was old enough to move and re-arrange furniture. As a teen-ager I would sew, play with color and transform my bedroom into my own personal space to best suit my individuality.  “The reality of it is…I’m still doing it!”